About Me


As a long-time resident of Ambleside, I am committed to protecting and enhancing the character of our neighbourhoods and the quality of life we enjoy in our community.

In 2016, I campaigned on the platform ‘Neighbourhoods First’ with the idea of providing residents with a voice in issues of local concern.  I was successful in urging Council to address issues related to redevelopment in our single-family neighbourhoods and in July, Mayor Smith appointed me as the Council representative to the new Neighbourhood Character Working Group.

I also campaigned for more and better community engagement.  Since joining Council, there has been a significant increase in the opportunities for residents to participate in new community planning initiatives but there remains more work to do. I’m committed to working towards a more inclusive and collaborative environment for decision-making where every opinion counts.

In my professional career as an urban planner and architect, my experience has included master plans and zoning bylaws, urban revitalization projects, transit-oriented development, environmental design projects and signature buildings for education and the arts. I understand the language of planners and developers and have the experience managing stakeholder consultation for large-scale public projects to support authentic public engagement.


My Platform and Priorities

For the next four year term, my top priorities will be:

  • A Transportation Action Plan focusing on traffic congestion relief, neighbourhood traffic calming, increasing transit capacity and expanding active transportation options 

  • Guidelines and regulations respecting neighbourhood character in our single family residential areas 

  • Completion of the OCP local area plans for Ambleside, Horseshoe Bay, Cypress Village and a revisit of the Marine Drive / Taylor Way local area plan

  • Housing Policy to protect and increase the supply of market and non-market rental housing in West Vancouver 

  • Arts and Culture infrastructure development that makes best use of our existing buildings and land resources e.g. Klee Wyck

  • Completion of the Waterfront and Ambleside Park plans in line with the long term vision for active and passive recreation along our waterfront

  • Repurposing Surplus Municipal Lands to their highest and best community use

In addition to the items list above, let’s not forget the small improvements that yield big dividends - crosswalks, curb cuts, street lights, on-street parking, etc – which should be easy to implement but sometimes frustratingly difficult to achieve. We need to find better and more responsive ways to action issues and complaints that affect citizens’ everyday lives.


Community Engagement

As a citizen, I’ve served as a member of Mayor Goldsmith Jones’ Strategic Planning Working Group and as vice-chair of the Community Engagement Committee.

As Councillor, my committee appointments have included:

  • Awards Committee

  • Community Engagement Committee

  • Design Review Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee

  • Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee

  • Howe Sound Forum