Peter Lambur
Peter Lambur
Peter Lambur, West Vancouver City Councillor


Neighbourhoods first.

I’m honoured to serve the residents of West Vancouver and look forward to promoting our shared community values over the next four year term.    



“To be an effective public servant you must continually be in touch with community values as they evolve: Peter understands this. More often than not, Peter says exactly what I’m thinking and says it better.”

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About Peter

In 2016, I campaigned on the platform ‘Neighbourhoods First’ with the idea of providing residents with a voice in issues of local concern. I was successful in urging Council to address issues related to redevelopment in our single family neighbourhoods and in July, Mayor Smith appointed me as the Council representative to the new Neighbourhood Character Working Group.

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My Platform & Priorities

Over the past term of Council, and particularly during the last two years, significant progress has been made in key priority areas including new Official Community Plan policies, but now it’s time for a ‘reset’.

For the next term, my top priorities will be:

  • Implementing a Transportation Action Plan 

  • Guidelines to protect neighborhood character

  • Completion of the Official Community Plan 

  • Housing Policy to expand rental stock

  • Facilities for our arts community

  • Waterfront and Ambleside Park plans



Since I joined Council, there has been a significant increase in opportunities for community engagement, but there remains more work to do. I’m committed to working towards a more inclusive and collaborative environment for decision-making where every opinion counts.

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The Issues

The start of a new Council term offers the opportunity to reset priorities to address issues impacting our quality of life.  We need sustained, meaningful dialogue and community engagement in order to action key priorities and build a better community.



Traffic congestion has emerged as a top issue: a problem aggravated by sustained regional growth triggering frequent gridlock.


And there is the matter of new taxes being imposed by the Provincial Government to curb real estate speculation.  The speculation tax and school tax will impact home owners across the Province but nowhere more so than in West Vancouver. 


Our community is being hollowed out by the unintended consequences of a dramatic escalation in real estate values. We need more and better data to help inform decisions to address affordability.



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